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Accelerators and Beams Department (AB)

Accelerator Technology Department (AT)

Academic Training

Academic Training Lectures

CERN's Accelerator Complex

CERN Accelerator School (CAS)

ACCU (Advisory Committee of CERN Users)

AD (Antiproton Decelerator)

CERN's address

Administrative Procedures

Agenda maker (gradually replaced by Indico Event Management Tool)

Popular Airlines

AIS General Info

CERN Annual Report


[AS Administrative Support]


Audio Conference

Austrian Phone Directory

Authorisation & access control

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Belgian Phone Directory

Books and conferences

Official Press Office Brochures

Buildings and sites

Details of Buildings at CERN (Patrimony)

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Calendar of official holidays

Canadian Phone Directory

CERN Courier

CERN Document Server (CDS)

CERN's Guides

CERN's Travel Agent

CERN-CLAF School of High-Energy Physics

Claims and benefits

Staff Association Clubs

The CNGS Project


Coming To CERN

Compact e± Linear Collider (CLIC)

Computer Newsletter

Conference Room Booking System

Conferences, Seminars, etc. (also under Events in the News menu)


Conversion Server

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Country Calling Codes

CPS & PSB Status

Crédit Agricole Bank Office (FR) (Prévessin, Bldg. 866, tel. 77072, opening hours Tue and Thu: 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:15 - 17:00. Wed and Fri: 9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:00)


Czech Phone Directory

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Database of Experiments ("Greybook")

Desktop Forum

Directory of HEP institutes

CERN Phone and E-mail Directory (xwho)

Technical and Doctoral Students

Document distribution


Directorate Services Unit (DSU)

Dutch Phone Directory

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Easyjet airlines

EDMS - Engineering Data Management Service

EGEE - Enabling Grids for E-science in Europe

Electronic Document Handling (EDH)

Electronic Document Submission (EDS)

Electronic journals

Electronics Pool

Computing Support for Engineering

Entrance Opening Hours

LHC and Environment

CERN and the Environment

CERN and the Environment: in depth information

Equal Opportunities


European Railway Timetables

European Schools of High Energy Physics


Event Management Tool - Indico

Events with CERN's involvement

Exhibitions and visits

CERN Expenditure Tracking (CET)

Experimental Physics (EP)

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Finance Department (FI)

Fire brigade

FOCUS: Forum On Computing: Users and Services

French Phone Directory

French Railways

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Gartner Group

CERN Web pages for the General Public

Map of Geneva

Geneva Public Transport (TPG)

German Phone Directory

How To Get To CERN

Greek Phone Directory

Groupement des Anciens (GAC)

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Health Insurance Scheme

HEP Information Center

European Physical Society: HEPP Board

Directory of High Energy Physics Institutes

Historical and Scientific Archive 1

Historical and Scientific Archive 2

Hotels in the area surrounding Geneva

Housing service (hotels, appartments, ...)

Human Resources Department (HR)

Human Resources Report and Personnel Statistics

Human Resources Toolkit (HRT)

Hungarian Phone Directory

Hungarian Railways

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Indico Event Management Tool

Induction Programme

Industrial Liason Officers

Industrial Relations

The Information Technology Department (IT) provides the computing infrastructure of the Laboratory (including support for desktop computing, databases and networking), computing services for physics data handling and engineering, and a number of more specialized services.

Installation Service (removals, cars, green plates...)

Interlibrary loan

Internal Removal Service

International Phone Directory

Information Technology Department (IT)

Italian Phone Directory

Italian Railways

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LabView Support

Latin American Schools of High-Energy Physics

The LHC project

LHC - The Large Hadron Collider Project

LHC Computing Grid Project (LCG)

Library book catalog

Library catalog

Linacs 2 and 3

Logistics Service

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Mail Office


CERN Area map

Map of all accelerators

Market (CERN internal)

Medical Service

Meeting Manager (Agenda Maker) (gradually replaced by Indico Event Management Tool)

Member states

Visit the CERN Microcosm

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National Phone Directories

Neutrino Factory and Muon Storage Rings

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CERN Action on Open Access

CERN openlab for DataGrid applications

Other WebLib databases

Observer States and Organizations

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PDG (Particle Data group)

Pension Fund

Pensioners' Assosiation (GAC)

CERN Phone and E-mail Directory (xwho)

Physics Department (PH)

Phone Conference

Photo catalog


Physics Department

Polish Phone Directory

Portugese Phone Directory

Post Office Meyrin (09:00-16:00) Bldg. 63, tel. 72798

Post Office Prévessin (9:00-12:30) Bldg. 866, tel. 77071

Preprints and published articles

Presentations & Talks

Press cuttings

Press Office

Press Releases

Projects (AIS)


PSB (PS Booster)

Purchase books or standards

Purchasing Service

Purchasing Service (in FI Department)

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Radiation Protection (RP services)

Main Railways

Recruitment Homepage

Remote Conferencing

Restaurant #1, Meyrin, Bldg. 501

Restaurant #2, Meyrin, Bldg. 504

Restaurant #3, Prévessin, Bldg. 866

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Safety Commission Unit (SC)

Safety Training

Scan a document

Schedule of the AB accelerator complex

User schedule of ISOLDE

User schedule of PS East Hall

User schedule of SPS

Schedule of SPS

CERN School of Computing (CSC)

Science & Society

Scientific Committees

Scientific Information Service

SCOAP3 - Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics

CERN Search

Director-General's Services: Secretary-General (SG)

Seminars and Courses


CERN Shuttle schedule

Slovak Railways

Slovak Phone Directory

Slovene Phone Directory

Social Affairs Service

Social & Financial Benefits

Spanish Phone Directory

[SPL Supplies, Procurement and Logistics]



SPS Status

Staff Association

Staff positions

Standing Concertation Committee

Stores Catalog


Submit a document

Summer Students Pages

AIS Support

Swedish Phone Directory (Swedish / English)

Swiss Phone Directory

Swiss Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS)

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Technical and Doctoral Students

Technical Infrastructure operation (ex TCR)

Technical Support Department (TS)

Technology Transfer Database


CERN Telephone and E-mail Directory (xwho)

Theoretical Physics

[TIS Technical Inspection and Safety]

Training and Development

Translation and Minutes Service

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UBS Bank Office (CH) (Meyrin, Building 500)

UK Phone Directory

UK Railways

UNIQA offices

USA Phone Directory

User Services (Cars, Bikes, Office removals & installation work)

Users' Office

Users' Office (for HEP users of CERN's facilities)

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Video Conference

Virgin airlines


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Web Communications

HEP Web sites

Norwegian white pages and yellow pages

General WWW Information

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CERN Yellow Reports